Corporate & Promotional Events

Mermaids are a captivating subject that can be used to promote a great range of products, venues and events. Mermaid Tarielle provides a variety of visually stunning options for corporate and promotional event entertainment. 

Which service are you looking for?

Mermaid Tarielle is available for all kinds of events and services, including (but not limited to):

  • Product launch

  • Venue launch

  • Festivals, markets & fetes

  • Corporate parties and events

  • Charities and fundraisers

  • Aquarium & pools performances

  • Environmental events

  • Advertising

What can Mermaid Tarielle do at your event?

Mermaid Tarielle is trained in a number performance styles and is happy to offer many entertainment services including (but not limited to):

  • Mermaid choreography (combining swimming and lyrical movement to music)

  • Entertainment & atmosphere at events

  • Event hostessing

  • Mermaid photo-booth and photo opportunities

       ....and more!


No event is too big or to small! We look forward to bringing your imagination to life! 


Egyptian Cruise Line


Past Clients & Events

Mermaid Tarielle swimming in the

Red Sea, Egypt as a part of the Sea Serpent Fleet

Mermaid Tarielle meets Seaford Life Saving club at Fundraising event
Tarielle - Poster.png

Mermaid Tarielle in Berlin, Germany at 

SeaLife Aquarium for the launch of their event "Myth's of the Sea's".

Mermaid Tarielle in Seaford, Australia with the Surf Life Saving Club.

Mermaid Tarielle with Frankston Beach Patrol at Beach Cleanup Day
Mermaid Tarielle at Wilmrsdorf Sommerbad for Super Ferien Pass in Berlin Germany

Mermaid Tarielle as children's entertainment at the Youth Culture Service's launch of the Super Holiday Pass at the Wilmersdorf Sommerbad in Germany.

Mermaid Tarielle marketing and promotions of Driftwood Cakes

Mermaid Tarielle promoting for Driftwood Cakes in Melbourne, Australia.

Mermaid Tarielle audience entetainment and atmosphere in Berlin Germany

Mermaid Tarielle with the Red Chucks Swing Trio in Berlin, Germany.

Mermaid Tarielle with the Frankston Beach Patrol.