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Mermaid School

Have you have ever dreamed of being a mermaid or merman? Do you want to make your Mako Mermaid and h2o dream come true?


This is your once in a lifetime chance to safely discover the fascinating world of mermaiding and learn skills from a real-life mermaid herself! Enjoy the magic, freedom, fitness benefits and improved swimming skills grained from learning to live life as a mermaid. Plus meet other merfolk, make friends and get to be a part of the Tarielle Mermaid Pod!

Ideal for ages 8+ with swimming skills*

What to bring

All you need to bring is:

  • Towel

  • Goggles 

  • Swimming apparel

  • Any other items you would take to a regular swim class or visit to the pool (shampoo, body wash, change of clothes, etc)

Mermaid Tails

Tails are provided for each participant in each class. The sizing of the tails provided are designed for children aged 9-13, however additional monofins will be on hand for any adults or younger children who don’t fit these sizes. 

Safety is our number one priority and therefore we only allow the use of our own tails, or preapproved tail brands in our classes.

Our tails are the safest available on the market:

  • They are made from breathable fabrics which won’t trap air

  • They have open ends for easy access to feet

  • They have a quick kick-off & swim out design

  • They have no straps or zippers, meaning feet come out easily

  • They are neutrally buoyant and won’t weigh you down

* To ensure everyone’s safety, an assessment of swimming ability is conducted prior to using a tail. These 6 essential swimming skills must be demonstrated: 

  • Float on back 

  • Float on front

  • Rolling front to back

  • Treading water for 1 minute

  • Swimming freestyle for 25 metres

  • Swimming dolphin kick for 25 metres

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