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About Mermaid Tarielle

"While we are children, we are gifted with an active imagination and the belief that anything is possible. Those of us who grow up and live out those fantasies are the lucky ones! I have encapsulated the dream of being part of something bigger than myself, by diving straight into the deep end with open arms."

Tara has been swimming since before she could walk and the water has always felt like home to her. For Tara, it has been something of a lifelong quest to achieve an aquatic career! It was swimming 'dolphin style' as a child that she realized her purpose. Growing up near the ocean, and engaging with all types of water based activities, her connection to the ocean has always been nurtured. What started as a summer hobby and a passion for the ocean that had her refusing to get out of the water, even when her teeth were chattering, led to the realisation that water was a huge part of Tara's life.

Tara has been training in the art of movement and performance since a young age, assembling over 18 years of experience in performing arts. With on-screen and on-stage credits, Tara is an expert at convincing children she is the character she portrays.

Tara has a wealth of experience working with children. She is experienced in childhood development, with a passion for 

working with children from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

For Tara, being a mermaid and making children's dreams come true is the best possible thing. She loves being able to share her passion for the water with children and children-at-heart!

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