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Karin Schwarz

Meeting a Mermaid in Melbourne

Move aside Arcto the Seal there's a new creature gracing the shores of Port Phillip Bay; a beautiful, graceful and glittery Mermaid...

Magical Mermaid Party

Mermaid Tarielle popped out of the ocean to celebrate at home with Katie and her friends. That's OK kids, mermaids can be out of the water for a little while...

Bilder des Tages

Nass: Die Künstlerin Tarielle schwimmt als Meerjungfrau verkleidet im Becken des Sea Life Berlin...

A Party with a Real Mermaid

The Birthday Girl can't stop telling everyone she sees that she had a real mermaid come to her birthday party. This is one birthday that is going to be hard to top...

Kids Birthday Beach Party Guide

To celebrate their birthdays I hosted a joint beach party. Not only was it was lots of fun, but it  made super magical with the appearance of  Mermaid Tarielle...

Meerjungfrau im Aquarium

Nixen schwimmen besser: Tarielle taucht im Becken des Sea Life Berlin. Ihre 1.5 Meter lange Schwanzflosse wiegt 15 Kilo...

An Interview with Mermaid Tarielle

Mermaid spotted in Kilsyth Centenary Pool

Have your children ever dreamt about meeting a real life mermaid? Miss 3 did today because Mermaid Tarielle swam into Kilsyth Centenary Pool to meet her little mer-friends...


Artist Tarielle plays up to the camera as a mermaid visitor to the aquarium of Sea Life Berlin on Tuesday. An event featuring "Myths of the Sea's"...

Tarielle die Meerjungfrau taucht in Berlin

Künstlerin Tarielle schwimmt als Meerjungfrau bekleidet gerade im Becken des Sea Life Berlin für die Aktion „Mythen der Meere“...

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