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Mermaid School


The first and only mermaid school in Melbourne is about to launch, offering kids the once in a lifetime chance to safely discover the fascinating world of mermaiding and learn skills from a real-life mermaid herself!


These classes are for aspiring mermaids aged 9-14 who are confident swimmers. 


The classes includes use of a mermaid tail (or BYO if your child wants to learn to safely use one they have at home) and will teach children essential tail safety skills, underwater tricks, breath hold techniques, fun mermaid skills such as bubble rings and everything they need to know to live out their mermaid fantasies safely! Plus meet other merfolk, make friends and get to be a part of the Mermaid Tarielle family. 


If your child would be interested in participating in the FREE trial class (with the aim of trialling the new curriculum and getting valuable feedback before the launch of the school) please fill out this expression of interest:


Additionally or alternatively, if you would like to be notified when Mermaid Tarielle's mermaid school launches please fill out this form:

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